Bonus 2: The Big Man Interview

Photo credit: Kara McLeland
If you’ve listened to The Promise, you no doubt remember Dexter Turner, aka Big Man. We met him in episode 2. The husband, father and community leader with a quick wit and a large personality had been planning a family barbecue, when a fatal shooting happened right in front of his apartment. In this episode, Meribah Knight speaks with Big Man months later, live on stage at Nashville Public Radio’s Podcast Party.

There’s a slideshow of photos from Cayce Homes here.

Here’s a video of the complete interview, live at Nashville Public Radio’s Podcast Party at the Nashville Children’s Theatre on August 18, 2018:

The shows editors are Chas Sisk, Anita Bugg, and Mack Linebaugh. Music in this episode by Fleslit.